Thursday, March 01, 2007

Silencing the machine...

Oh, I have been quite out of circulation.

Thats how I feel about myself these days. Last 2 months have been one helluva lot of work. Just when I thought I saw myself as busy as possible it got even worse.

I have completed 6 reasonably large events in 20 days and not to talk of all the plannning and co-ordination that goes on before that.

I think I must have reached the peak of stress on one particular day, when the material I expected came all mixed up. I had a window of 4 hours to get things up and I never felt so helpless, sleepless ever before. Never did I ever find such unexpected energy & creativity before. All went fine finally!

Normally, I aim to do work like there is nothing to it. But this time it was hard. Well, the good thing about all this is that you suddenly realise nothing is ever such a big deal in life. The fun is in what we do about the given situation and not the situation itself. Well... that was a bit obtuse philosophy?

One little good part of the whole period was that I got a short break and visited Langkawi in Malaysia, which is beautiful, but frankly nothing if you are not a person into beaches and water sports. For me it only works if I can connect with local people - and unfortunately I never got a chance - especially when travelling with a group, which is always is a pain for me. To be blunt, travelling with a group - it seemed to me I had never left India.

Anyways, all this pace is now over... for the meantime. The problem is to slow down my mind and get used to relaxing. After all the heightened state of mind... its hard to silence the machine.


Blogger John said...

Oh, I soooo agree. If I go on vacation to an area with a new culture, I feel like I've missed most of it if I can't make some kind of local "connection." Nature is beautiful, but people (to me) are intriguing.

2:07 AM  
Blogger trangam said...

Yes. Thats what works for me. Great nature needs at least one person to share with. More, even better! (By the way I cannot access your blog?)

7:59 AM  

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