Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oops! Did I hurt you?

The Israeli- Hezbollah conflict which is kind of devastated Lebanon has got my minds whirring non-stop. Not really in terms of the middle-east, but in terms of terrorists in general and there claimed role as the fighters for a community.

Right now, all around the world no one has found a good answer to the terrorist. Frankly, whatever happens, the terrorist seems to be winning. It just seems to be one ruthless but damn good strategy they have devised?

Considering that in India, we hate the cancer of terrorism, I keep thinking that I should not damn Israel - because if I do, then the terrorist have gained an upper hand. Now, when I think of this again, it strikes me that this is exactly what plagues the mulsim world or anyother world under such a sway. They probably feel that if they come out and openly denounce the terrorists they may also be giving an upper hand to those they feel doing 'injustice' to them. So, while both sides watch innocents die, we all keep quiet - because we cannot allow the enemy get a victory - however short term. So people continue to die.

Bu then I think again about the terrorist who claims he or she is fighting for justice.

And I ask - are you the only one who has faced injustice? The world is full of hurt people. Some of them build energy, become practical and rise out of their situation without a trigger pulled. Some do not. But not everyone is trigger happy?

And I think - if you were so hurt, why is that you narrow down your sense of injustice only with those who belong to one community. Why not partner with anyone who faces injustice. And these people might as well be among your enemy camp - just like you!!!

I mean if tommorow I see injustice done to me in India, I will be among the majority. If I was selfish and just kept watching my own wounds I could make my fight perverse. Ready to hurt those who hurt and those who also get hurt. On the other hand if I join hands with every one else in India who has faced injustice, I probably will have 80% of India on my side!!

But people do not seem to see this, this way. Its still a feudal world - in the name of God, parents and relatives? When they are hurt, they withdraw with a strong statement ' I am not OK. but everyone is. And everyone must die, except the one who feels the most - and who can feel more but me. Me, the one with so much pain?'

But then also, I think, when people start making cliques around their cause instead of coming together as human, I wonder if they are fighting for justice or are they fighting for power?

I also think that its crazy to fight for someone 1000km away, when one cannot respect and care for the neighbour. I mean you ignore a human near you, for the sake of a masked face miles away?

I think the big mistake that everyone who fights is making, is that they are fighting for power. Instead their end objective should be to be loved and to be able to love. That cannot hurt anyone's self esteem. Could it?

Anyways, what I say above is merely kind words. And the stories I hear on TV about Doctors cutting limbs for money; teachers taking bribes; terrorists planning to kill more soft people it kind of makes one cynical.

Unless some visionary leader can sway the world to come together, the only final ending seems to me is when every citizen of every country will be considered a soldier. And then - death and birth will no longer matter.

When we all are deemed soldiers, that will surely make the idea of terrorism defunct. And we will fight once again, the traditional way - as armies. Maybe thats the way out. After all, whats a soldier but a human being?

The only sad thing would be that their would be no more 'innnocent people' in the world anymore.

To kill? Or die for?


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