Sunday, August 17, 2008

The world loves to Dance.

For all the Bangaloreans upset about the recent ban on dancing in discs here is something which will bring back your spirits... Click the link and see how the world loves dancing, from Bhutan to Brazil. Dancing brings people we never met ... together.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

About song, dance & music in Bangalore

Yesterday I passed a Islamic education office and it carried a 'fatwa' against mobile ringtones - no muslim should have one. It says that listening to musical instruments is un-islamic? From my personal view this is outrageous. Is that true? But well, I do not know everything about the world and this is not killing anyone. But then I realised its not as outrageous as it sounds to be. The police in Bangalore have banned all live music, dancing and loud music in discotheques in Bangalore. Maybe it still does not compare with the ringtone 'fatwa' but we are getting there?

India & China are going to be the next superpowers - one feudal and the other a dictator - so watch out, we have some values the world must follow soon! Backed by a 10000 or more year old rich culture... in our heads today. (not on the streets)

LOLz. Hope I did not scare you too much. I love India a lot and am sure that the common man will soon overpower those who think they need to own this country. Hopefully...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If it was Israel would the torch run in India?

No way. Most likelyAamir Khan would not have found words to explain if it was his choice or the fundamentalists pressure not to participate. For that matter most Indian sportspeople would have chickened out? And the Indian government braver than its today? I hate to compare like this, but I cannot take this off my mind.Please support tibet. Its the only symbol of peace in this world and we have shared our home with Tibetians, so we must morally support them. They are not killing anyone. Every else movement in this world has lost it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Brave Indian

Only Indian sportsperson (and among the very few famous Indians) to express open support to the Tibetian cause - Baichung Bhutia, a famous football player in India. Its tricky when some people think that sports should not be politicised. But we have so many Tibetians living as Indians the issue ought to be more personal for us, in my opinion. But surprisingly there is not much from India. Maybe we do not have to get into Chinese internal affairs but I would hope more such peaceful expressions. Actually China should be proud to have probably the only peaceful protest around the world for decades now. Led by Dalai Lama who promotes peace. Not that I know much about Tibet in detail. But, generally speaking, if Tibet was part of India and I the leader, I would have handled it with kid's glove and with lots of love. How else?

Unfortunately, we all want to get richer. And hope that those who are not able to join the race, keep their mouths shut and let us carry on 'progressing'.

And the saddest part was a statement from our government, via Pranab, who asked Dalai Lama to avoid any political activities. And he mentioned that Dalai Lama is our guest. How insulting... to remind him of that? Dalai Lama is as much Indian for me as long as he is in India. I am so ashamed with that spineless statement from our government... so sad!

We are very outspoken when it comes to morality but when it comes to moral support to others, not many of us have the time or clarity. The world is becoming more and more - hopelessly practical - as of now.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

I like India best when it sings!

Like this song from one contestant Rohanpreet. He and all the kids in the competition 'Little Champs' on Zee TV are awesome!

and another one from Tanmay

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pictures from Bali

From a recent but very breif visit to Bali, Indonesia.

Police, deadlines and the almighty Bangalore city.

How do you feel when the people who you are supposed to seek protection from are the ones who will harrass you? So, is the experience I went through today with the police. Its 12 in the midnight and i stand out a restaurant where my friend is. Its illegal for the restaurant to be open because the closing time is 1130hrs in Bangalore. But well he is in, and I am waiting to help him reach home. And suddenly two jeeps full of policemen arrive. Just as soon as they come out, one of them begins shouting to me. Suddenly, from being a good friend, I feel a criminal! I walk a few feet away and stand. 5 mintues after a slightly senior police guy walks up to me and shouts - "what are you doing here!". I say, " I am waiting for my friend" And he murmurs something inaudible and shuvs me away - almost slapping my shoulder. Very disheartening. I am in a street, there are cars, and people walking by and I am not allowed to stand!! Whatever, I am treated immediately in a manner that does not make me feel I am proud citizen of this country or city.

I walk a few metres away where there seems to be some shops open. 5 minutes later this policeman comes to me shouting again threatining to hit me. I am now loosing it. Just when I want to give up and take him on, my friend arrives and takes me away. Not sure what would happen otherwise. Would I have ended up in Jail arguing with him?

This is what Bangalore has become. For people who like to extend there hours. This is probably what India is now. You cannot have your own life. There are multiple worlds in this country and just as we progress economically, they seem to be clashing with each other. One would expect otherwise? But I am afraid we are going some odd way.

You cannot dance in Bangalore. You cannot be anywhere after 1130hrs. Terrorist, thiefs, corrupt people, probably are doing fine. But having Fun is illegal. Shopping, making money, producing chidren is the only great virtue in India even if your children have to travel to the west for that - does not matter if people in that part of the world 'dance'. Thats ok if you are bringing money and status home.

If the terrorist do not bomb us, our own police and other authorities are going to kill the weak.

And then economically progressing India will be even stronger.

I am so so so upset and dissapointed today!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

dil hoom hoom kare [male]- by bhupen hazarika

Bhupen Hazarika is such a singer. I just cannot get him out of my head....! Check this video.

Note: You may have to stop a video playing at the bottom of this page. Do not know how to stop it from self-starting. LoLz.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Burma

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Burma - A neighbour in pain and how do you feel?

Not happy at all with our authorities response to Burma problem. I mean becoming a economic power and all is fine and strategic thinking and business interests are fine, but would you like to be in a world tommorow where your neighbours tell you how we closed our eyes while the people next door were suffering? Thats a lousy personality to carry. Just think of some other nations who behaved so - how badly it affects its people in the long run? I know we have our problems too, but if you hear someone shouting its not so nice to ignore it...

So, anyways, if the authorities do not stand up we can individually, to our capacities? So, please sing the petition at Avaaz. And if you are a blogger follow the plan on the international bloggers day at the site. Here are the links:

Monday, September 24, 2007

The New Indian Idol

Amazing that I started watching Indian Idol because of this person's ( Prashant Tamang is his name) voice which I happened to fall upon while surfing channels one day.... liked his voice instantly... and he is now The Indian Idol!!! Coool! I am proud I voted for him too. I think there were others who probably were more technically better singers, but his voice is the kind I like and also his personality. So, I am glad. People have all kind of words about the way he got bulk votes from the police department, which he belongs to, and his region... but the fact is I voted him too and he is the Indian IDOL!!! So I for one have no complaints ....

A point is that we hear great singers everyday... via CDs, movies etc. But there are always some voices and singers you fancy more?

Having said this the person who came second Amit was very very good too. And if he was to become the Indian Idol I would not complain again. He too seems to be a terribly good human being and I am sure he is going to make good in his life!
(Is it only me, or did anyone else notice that the official Indian idol site in the last few days was placing and using text & content with a subtle hint that Amit is the better material? if so, they failed! Maybe its my imagination only... )

And for Prashant, the Indian Idol, I wish him all the best in life. Sure its not going to be easy in the commercial world even after this, but he surely is a fighter and will only get better & better with time... and show us all what India is really about in its heart...

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