Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Brave Indian

Only Indian sportsperson (and among the very few famous Indians) to express open support to the Tibetian cause - Baichung Bhutia, a famous football player in India. Its tricky when some people think that sports should not be politicised. But we have so many Tibetians living as Indians the issue ought to be more personal for us, in my opinion. But surprisingly there is not much from India. Maybe we do not have to get into Chinese internal affairs but I would hope more such peaceful expressions. Actually China should be proud to have probably the only peaceful protest around the world for decades now. Led by Dalai Lama who promotes peace. Not that I know much about Tibet in detail. But, generally speaking, if Tibet was part of India and I the leader, I would have handled it with kid's glove and with lots of love. How else?

Unfortunately, we all want to get richer. And hope that those who are not able to join the race, keep their mouths shut and let us carry on 'progressing'.

And the saddest part was a statement from our government, via Pranab, who asked Dalai Lama to avoid any political activities. And he mentioned that Dalai Lama is our guest. How insulting... to remind him of that? Dalai Lama is as much Indian for me as long as he is in India. I am so ashamed with that spineless statement from our government... so sad!

We are very outspoken when it comes to morality but when it comes to moral support to others, not many of us have the time or clarity. The world is becoming more and more - hopelessly practical - as of now.

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