Saturday, February 16, 2008

Police, deadlines and the almighty Bangalore city.

How do you feel when the people who you are supposed to seek protection from are the ones who will harrass you? So, is the experience I went through today with the police. Its 12 in the midnight and i stand out a restaurant where my friend is. Its illegal for the restaurant to be open because the closing time is 1130hrs in Bangalore. But well he is in, and I am waiting to help him reach home. And suddenly two jeeps full of policemen arrive. Just as soon as they come out, one of them begins shouting to me. Suddenly, from being a good friend, I feel a criminal! I walk a few feet away and stand. 5 mintues after a slightly senior police guy walks up to me and shouts - "what are you doing here!". I say, " I am waiting for my friend" And he murmurs something inaudible and shuvs me away - almost slapping my shoulder. Very disheartening. I am in a street, there are cars, and people walking by and I am not allowed to stand!! Whatever, I am treated immediately in a manner that does not make me feel I am proud citizen of this country or city.

I walk a few metres away where there seems to be some shops open. 5 minutes later this policeman comes to me shouting again threatining to hit me. I am now loosing it. Just when I want to give up and take him on, my friend arrives and takes me away. Not sure what would happen otherwise. Would I have ended up in Jail arguing with him?

This is what Bangalore has become. For people who like to extend there hours. This is probably what India is now. You cannot have your own life. There are multiple worlds in this country and just as we progress economically, they seem to be clashing with each other. One would expect otherwise? But I am afraid we are going some odd way.

You cannot dance in Bangalore. You cannot be anywhere after 1130hrs. Terrorist, thiefs, corrupt people, probably are doing fine. But having Fun is illegal. Shopping, making money, producing chidren is the only great virtue in India even if your children have to travel to the west for that - does not matter if people in that part of the world 'dance'. Thats ok if you are bringing money and status home.

If the terrorist do not bomb us, our own police and other authorities are going to kill the weak.

And then economically progressing India will be even stronger.

I am so so so upset and dissapointed today!


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