Monday, July 30, 2007

What makes Haneef so special - Now?

I am glad that he is innocent and that the efforts of all have gotten him free. The effort means a lot in terms of Haneef's life & future. But I am very preplexed to hear the government offering him a job. I would instead expect the government checking out its own police and authorities and wondering if we are not wrongly accusing/framing/harrasing people in India - and I am not talking about terrorism but about daily life and everyday people.

For me, now that Haneef is free, proven innocent - thats it. Very good job done by supporters and a good message sent. I felt pretty ok about the media's role when seeking answers to Haneef in Australia, but now it seems to be getting to be simple selling tactics for them and they think I am all ready for digesting them? But I say, why does the media keep reminding me of him as a person? Why do they keep talking about Australia as if everything is perfect here? I know for certain from direct experience that there are parts of Australia which can be so. But which country is not? I wish things were different but we as humans still need to evolve. No wonder that things are so difficult in India for so many, because we have this fantastic ability to find someone 'worse' for the moments and feel better? So, nothing really needs to be done on a humane level for the less priveleged. I am not sure if Haneef would have got all this attention if he was not in Australia, but instead in some less developing country than ours?

Next, I am also preplexed that no one spent enough time denouncing the planned bombing in UK which would hurt people. God knows, we got terrorism on our heads. Do we not? Guess, if we can forget about it - it would make our lifes better? Maybe.


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