Saturday, June 02, 2007

Aerosmith Yesterday

Well, it was quite good, but I failed my Aerosmith Exam! I prepared the song PINK & Janie's Got a gun, with all its lyrics and they never sang it - so I was there just shaking my booty! Well, the thing is that I heard a lot of rock in college but for some reason Aerosmith was not in our books and I suspect much the same with many in Bangalore - but for the very real rock fans. Words from other groups like Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, MLTR, Deep Purple, Enrique - who visited Bangalore are more on people's tongue, than the Aero numbers.

But the Band performed real well and Tom & Joey very entertaining and I enjoyed the time.

While the overall organisation was good & easy, what I cannot get is that when one can set up such a fine stage, why not spend good time & money on the crowd & on-the ground management? It took almost and hour or more, entering & standing in Q, to get in and almost the same to get out, even though Palace Ground is huge with multiple entries. And I really wish they had landscaped it to rise towards the back - many short people just saw the backs of others! I think the projection screens were placed too low. And I felt a bit irritated with the kiosk on the walls with their lights being lit throughout the concert with the moon so full, so bright. But that was minor....
All said the crowd was very well behaved, and there was no real problem at all - and it was mostly fun people. Except for this one guy who tried to push his way between one of the girl who accompanied us and me. Later, my friend told me that he was actually seeking me and not her. LOLz!

The rock concert lasted just 90 minutes! Sounds too short to me.

Later, we went to almighty Residency Road for food - the only place its still available after 11 in the night. By 12 the policemen were there shouting at the top of their voices waving lathis - asking for the restaurant to shutdown. Quite rude to the public often - who I suspect they consider as rogues in their own minds?.(not the traffic police... they I think are really patient and hard working while managing the intense Bangalore traffic)

I tell you - the Bangalore Police (in brown) could give Tom a run for his money for the kind of shrieks they can generate.

'Walk this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!"


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