Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time to destroy all Hindu erotica?

What the invaders over the centuries could not do to us, we are about to to do onto ourselves?

For long I had thought, but would not express it due to a loss of words, authority and lack of historical confirmation. But I read something today, which echos how I see the current wave of Hindu hardliners taking the task of moral policing - which is so unlike what I understand the common man in India, even the most conservative. Old conservative ladies who I have discussed with - everything under the sun... or is it about the part of the country I live in?

The sentence comes from a line from Mr. Ranjit Hosakote's reaction to the recent 'fundamentalist intrusion into an art exhibition' which led to the arrest of a student, who actually is a son of a carpenter and not one from the 'elite' as the fundamentalist would have wished for. I am quite disheartened to see the flexibility, vastness and variety of Hinduism being appropriated by a section of people who see it in just there narrow regressive manner. And the line I refferred to earlier well sums it up:

"It appears that the champions of a resurgent Hindu identity are acutely embarrassed by the presence of the erotic at the centre of Hindu sacred art. As they may well be, for (their roots) do not lie in Hinduism. Rather, they lie in a crude mixture of German romanticism, Victorian puritanism ...."

One can read more of this article here...


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