Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So, what can I say to you?

This is something I wrote, when I ended up liking someone last night in a restaurant. My friends ask me to go ahead and say something. But as always, I am just too shy or fantasical... So, instead I wrote this poem the paper napkin. My friends asked me not to throw it, so I guess I can blog it?

So, what can I say to you?
That, you start...
from where my words stop,
from where my eyes blur,
from where my mind closes
& the heart fills up.
How do I tell that its the desire for your warm hand,
that has stopped me cold?

So .... There it is! Sadly the person is never going to read it. So, it most likely may be...


Blogger Nui said...

Poems sometimes demand us to write them just for themselves, they do need to be expressed. Thanks for posting it. Even if the person you didn't intend it for will not read it, there are probaby hundred or thousands of us who have felt what you wrote, and your expression of it and our sharing makes our world a warmer place.

7:21 AM  
Blogger trangam said...

Nui! You put it together so nicely! Thanks!!

8:38 AM  

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