Monday, August 07, 2006

Ban, Ban... you're done.

Another little ban or block, culture preservation or moral policing ... whatver you think it is, depending upon the culture you carry or do not carry on your little sad shoulders?

Mumbai police closes down an art gallery exhibiting 'erotic' paintings.

You know what I think. I think these people who make these decisions see all this through their own lives and its lusts. This is not about me or you . Its about them and their lives and what they did with it.

We are being done, 'for the crimes they committed or wanted to'. As for me, the crimes I committed, I pay myself, never passing it on.

Anyways, enough philosophising. Go to this blog site I just happened to hit upon : Indian artnews Its well explained what happened.

Actually, while I was disheartened at this moral policing, my mind would not stop getting humorous.

Its a psychatirist who complained to the police. They happen to have snapped her in true form!

The police started by asking the artists to cover the paintings with cloth. I thought that was a very creative way to display?

They also videographed the paintings. And I wonder if that would not do some rounds in the barracks?


Anonymous siamjai said...

I think that incidents like this just highlight the balance between artistic freedom and the responsibility that needs to come with it.

"nobody can restrict an artist", one of them was quoted in the article. Can you agree with that? I can't. Pioneering is fine, but are limits that shall not be crossed, neither in the name of art, science, nor religion.

I don't know whether this exhibition crossed these limits, maybe not. Something titled "Tits Clits n Elephant Dick" could be merely thought-provoking erotica, or could be bestiality, or other form of animal- and human abuse. And things like the latter should never be released in the guise of "art", imo.

2:10 PM  
Blogger bigfatman said...

i agree the exhibition may have been great. however, i’m not sure art per se is meant to shock or use vulgar devices for the same purpose. shocking someone by showing human nudity is easy. it is far tougher to do so in a subtle manner that conveys the artists message while still remaining in the bounds of decency. i’m not a prude or orthodox in any manner. the title shocked even me. check out

2:38 AM  

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