Wednesday, July 19, 2006

India blocks Blogs. But leaves the mind to wander.

There is probably no better news for companies such as blogger if they are seeking greater participation from Indians! India has blocked blogs. ( or is it better to say Government of India?' or the Indian ISPs? There is confusion about this). Its already an old news and 1000s of blogs covering it. The government wants to block some anti-national blogs and in the process blanked out all blog sites!! Supposed to be a technical error. They say they did not mean to block all blogs, but only specific sites. but the fact is that the blogs are still blocked. Such an error in an 'IT savvy nation'? Sounds odd to me...

So, why do I say its good news for companies like Blogger? Let me tell you there is a good side to this! When this censorship is removed, I promise you the number of Indians who are going to start blogging is going to double. Till day-before more than 50% guys and girls in my office did not know what blogging was all about!! Now, they do.

For the rest 50% who did know about blogging most were not too involved. At least, they did not know that there may exist a few blogs that are about hate, dirty words, anger, communalism - what fun! Now, more and more bloggers will seek such blogs, visit them, leave their own footprints-of-hate behind, ready to come back another day - with more hate. The TV with all its sensation these days may well loose many of its viewers! Now, they know a more exciting place.

Now, hearing this news of censorship more and more foreigners will get involved into Indian problems. Right now, when blogs are blocked out I am sure everyone is busy finding out those sites which have been blocked. Maybe these curious people do not find these particular sites, but surely they are going to find a few other less extreme but neverthless anti-national blogs? Personally, I think the extreme sites are less liable to convert the faithful. Its the subtle sites which are more dangerous. Thats the catch 22 in life and thats well... bad news.

The good news is that bloggers from India are up-in-arms. Just do a blog search for 'blogs india' and you will find all the news and ways to bypass this bans.

All said, this is not as bad is being in a bomb blast. Neither its as bad being in the Tsunami or a earthquake. Its simple a case of mental freedom. Too elitist a request from my hard working, faithful government servants

I mean, I really feel shy complaining to the hard-working government servants about my little problem. I mean what do I expect them to say to me if I asked them if they knew that I exist - among the 1 billion people of the country.

I mean, they are really trying to protect the country, no? The only problem is that I am not certain, if I am included...


Anonymous Krishna "Tazo" Shere said...

Heard it was more out of laziness rather than technical glitches.

6:59 PM  

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