Sunday, January 22, 2006

A One way ticket & the park.

Today started early. I was invited for breakfast at a friend's place and from there on I planned to go and see the progress of my new flat. The flat is almost ready and I already paid for the wood-work now.

But on my way, I ended up into a one-way, the wrong way. ( Quite a co-incidence following my last blog!!) Bangalore has so many one-ways popping up each day, that if you miss driving one day you are lost. To make things worse, the road which is one-way in the morning changes directions in the evening. And the system keeps changing. We are the only city I guess who has a traffic crossing on the top of a fly-over!!

Bangalore has become a one-way street!

Anwyays, the police guy whistled behind me and I decided to heed to his call. I could have carried on like the car ahead of me, but I promised I must play honest...even if everyone watching me must have thought " Oops... what a loser?"

"100 bucks" said the traffic policeman, looking at me curiously. (This was probably the first time his whistle worked... with someone!) .
"Sure, my receipt?", I requested and smiled.
Ok, 50 bucks - he said.
Ok. But I really like to have a receipt.
"Listen 25 bucks or you wait for the sub-inspector. "
"Ok, 25 bucks, but I would have slept better if you had given me a receipt."

And I moved on.

The breakfast at my friend's place was real real filling and delicious. Like always, made my his man-servant who is the sweetest and queenest person I know!! He never speaks. He only hears. And he only giggles in turn like I must have spoken something very scandalous. "Please can I have more" And he goes "hehehehe" LolZ. Its really funny and cute.

Filled up to my hearts delight I feel very sleepy, but my friend's date arrives and I know I must leave now.

So, I say goodbye and reach the door and his man-servant is there to see me off, still giggling... and I just cannot help but giggle myself.... thinking about it. Lolz.

Anyways, I dropped my idea to check my flat and decided to instead check out a flower show at Lalbagh which hold some real horticulture and occupies huge space within Bangalore. (as for my flat, I will check it out next Saturday and bring in some pics.)

The flower show was quite nice ... many, many people and things to photograph. Nice practise for me.

The flower show is full of people. Frankly, I like watching people more than flowers.

I finally returend home by around 4. Slept. Got up and promised myself to blog... and thats what I just finished doing now.

After people, I like animals and birds a lot. This pic from the park.

Nothing great, I guess. But its been a treat this weekend. No calls from office. No lingering work. Just me and my rest. After 4 weeks of non-stop activities.

And then after people, birds and animals, I like to see nice sceneries like in this park.

Of course, sadly the park is got litter in parts, spoiling the show. I display this coke can, because it makes a more contoversial story about waste than mere un-branded plastic lying in the park.

But good things stand out always. Like these lotus flowers, which always grow in dirty water but are clean and beautiful in themselves. Always.


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