Sunday, January 15, 2006

On Display - Fast cars & slow traffic.

I have been travelling the last few days. And frankly every city is full of congestion. And fair amount of it in the capital city where there is an Auto Expo going on. Ironic, considering that while we hate the congestion & traffic, we love to see and hope to buy the cars on display. So, is life and modern times! Cant stop the race.
I happened to visit the Auto Expo on my visit. It took me 30 min in standing still traffic to reach there from my hotel & the return was worse - I spent almost 1 hour trying to find a taxi back. Rather cold there right now... but the huge crowds must have helped to raise the temperature or was it all the walking one has to do in the exhibition ground...? Well, I am happy to be back in Bangalore now. The congestion here is more familiar.
And I am rather fatigued, especially with the thought that I have destroyed my weekend travelling - once again. The 3rd one in a series. Urrrgh.. So, I simply put in pics, what I saw at the Expo.
First, the Jantar Mantar, the astronomical observatory built in 1700s. Quite a big watch to have! Well, it does more than that though. I found a site where you can read more about Jantar Mantar.

First a pic from the stall of a company called TVS (collaboration with Suzuki). Sorry, you cannot see much of the bike here.. But I like TVS because they have a nice quality image.

This bike the manufacturers (Yamaha) say costs 90000000 rupees. Its the one driven by Rossi. But guess the price tag is merely a publicity stunt. Would they really sell it if I went with an advance?

The mustang at the Ford stall. Ford seems to try a lot to remind people they 'started it all'. The congestions...? LolZ. But they had one of the good stalls around with good communication. And they did excite people with some good outdoor rock band performances and shows.

Honda's formula car. Very Nice displays and stall.

This is the indigenously built Scorpio by Mahindras, standing up strong against global competition and a real good result from a local company. And is quite a nice car/jeep. This pic however looks like a 'before' and 'after' story. LOLz again. But no, this is a nice vehicle.

Tatas the Goliaths in the Indian automobile industry, have more reasons to say they 'started it all in India', as against Ford- the highway congestions? LOLz...they are everywhere. Well, they are getting stronger & stronger as an organisation, with a singular ability and effort of building an Indian car.. And now, they have tied up with Fiat! Don't know the details though. Fiat has had a terrible patch in India. Probably they will use the Tata network to sell and other joint activities.

Skoda had simply the best looking and finished stall in the Expo. Supposedly, not up-market in Europe, this company has a strong reputation built in India over the past few years. Very cute ads.

Another bike, called the Isotope from TVS.

The Volvo City Bus. With so many cars and the resulting congestion, a good public bus could not be far behind? Available for those who cannot own a car or hate the traffic? The best thingis these are coming to my city - Bangalore.

The performances continues.... as I sleep at home. Upto 17th of this month.


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