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Some events, people, places touch one in a special manner. Sure, there is a lot I love. But somethings... because of the time, place, the state of my mind or whatever leave a deep impression that lasts a life time. Maybe if I revisit them I may not feel the same about them. But here I am talking of that lasting impression in my mind and not what really lies outside. Below I list some links that I could gather of what touched me at home, in India.

Mithun in 'Mrigya'

The movie 'Mrigya' with Mithun. I was real young when I watched this movie during a sports training camp in hostel. A girl sat next to me, trying to get closer, but I was stuck to the TV, mesmerised by the story of this innocent hunter who kills (hunts down) a person who stole his wife from him... and cannot understand why the feudal law wants to punish him for that. The girl next to me, left me in the middle of the movie... it never struck me she was not interested in the movie! She complained to her parents (who knew my family) who complained to mine that I was so rude to their daugther. You can check a better version of the movie review at ( a site of a very cool director) :

Bhupen Hazarika voice is in my head anytime I want. Here is the link to the song that got me! ' Ganga tu behti ho kyoon' (Oh Ganga... why do you flow?)

I was in the Hotel, in Kolkata, just finished work... all alone. I wondered if I should try a nearby disco for I saw a lot of nice people entering. But then I heard this song and my mood changed for the evening.... no make that a week! This is Bhupen Hazarika, an Assamese singer from the North-East and his voice and expressions are just too much for my heart!

The Song "Gori tera Gaon bada pyara'. (Girl your village is so very loving... I am 'floored') It got me fantasising visiting distance land where I would love & be loved... in a special way. Here is a short version link of the song: Gori Tera Gaon Bada pyara...

Mohan lal is in the centre

Malayalam Movies from Kerala are my favorites. I do not understand the language. But I got hooked to the acting of Mohan Lal - a superstar & the singer Yesudas - whose voice is awesome. Mohan Lal acts with such ease. His smile is so cool and his comedy so spontaneous. And everything he does seems like coming from within him and not some written lines. Unfortunately I cannot get the names of most movies Iiked correct and hence cannot search proper links. Except the ones with names like Vietnam Colony, Chitram & Devasuram. Or if you like to hear a nice Malayalam song from Yesudas click here..

Religious/Mythological movies. I probably saw all of them that were made during my school days. And any movie from Hanuman was a must. Jai Hanuman. Hanuman Vijay. and many more. This year a brand new Hanuman animation movie is released in India and I am all preparing to get the DVD. Here is the official site for the movie: Hanuman - The film

Bihu Dance

The Bihu Dance in Assam. The first night I went to the festival near are home in Assam I was awestruck. It was so peppy, beautiful and s..exy! I was trying to dance like that for the next 3 months. Of course, in the bathroom. Here is some information around it : Bihu festival.

The Periyar river

The Periyar river down Idduki Dam in Kerala. That's where my friend lives. Its a hilly region and the river is below his house. In the night the river's sound makes you sleep very well. And I would be taking a bath there at least 5 times a day. No shampoo, conditioner can compare with the affect of the water here. My hair and body would feel so smooth and silky. Believe me! And the entire region was so beautiful. So quiet at night. I heard a thousand different insects chirping and a 1000 stars above me.

The above pictures is not of the river as it is where I stayed. In that point, the river is fast and narrower. So, there are many rocks and nice places to bath. Unfortunately there is no link to the place I stayed in. But some information can be found at

I am not sure I covered all, or in the right order. But this is what I could write about for now. More later. And of course, the things that touched my heart from the rest of the world.


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