Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love whats in your face, and not only whats in your mind?

Two thoughts struck me today.

First, do I have to listen to people who speak for the poor and downtrodden when they never seem to show love for anyone within 10 metres from where they stand and sit?

Does the world have any other choice but to regress into extremism, with terrorism challenging almost every other country in the world?

Eventually both thoughts got entwined in my head.

The first thought rose when I heard this Indian Environmentalist on BBC Hard Talk today, who I have never seen smile, or show signs of benevolence - at least on the TV - just a perception. I have many friends who do social work and they are darlings. But I have known a couple of social workers-influencers who really can stretch your nerves. Like they mis-trust everyone who has crossed the poverty line. They never listen to the person next to them or at least give some ‘benefit of heart’ without taking the discussion to extremes and putting the other into some box of errors – especially if you have been doing your daily work without reading the papers or daily opinions. All because of their love for someone 100 kms away & sometimes 10000. Is that a good approach? How can you be a just person when you cannot ‘save’ the person in front of you in the name of 100 'dying' elsewhere? Or maybe that is fair...? - I am still brooding.

Same thought about terrorists. How do they justify one innocent person’s death against the death of some other in another time? How can someone who can kill an innocent person ever claim tommorow that he or she can love another human or be loved?

Now, when I think of social workers, my view is not really a general opinion. I really respect most I have met. Its only a few who can get on my nerve.

Now, considering a few people who have faced injustice, I have felt extreme anger on their behalf too, wishing the worst for those who may have caused it. Almost ready to condone any extreme action.

But in either case I know that once I slap a person without reason… or a reason that says – sorry, I have nothing against you, but I need an innocent bystander to sacrifice for my Gods – what do I call my God?.

Well maybe all this is nothing to do with any big thoughts or morals and is instead just got to do with survival? And some people are sure that they are going to die forever. While you & me will die just temporarily?

Now, the last point. Why do I take up the few odd social workers and terrorists-in-general as subjects? Why not the mighty Bush and other criminals of state? Because the latter are people that we anyway target as the public. Nothing new. It’s a fight without confusion. But social workers and terrorists are working on my emotions – telling me that if I do not side with them, I am being unjust to someone some where. Irrespective of whether I behave well and just with every single person I met the whole day… and they in turn destroyed half a dozen self esteems? Sometimes it’s a bit like blackmail?

For very long, I have kept the view that all mass communication is best ignored or kept in ‘doubt’ zone. As layman we can never hope to grasp the statistics ... but through blind faith in onw who preaches.

Why do we not simply, focus on that person in front of us. That’s the only truth me and you will ever have control on. The rest is one big political/social game in this world today.

And if each person chose to be respectful, kind, straight forward and truthful to the other would that not eventually make the world a better place anyways? From the very rich to the very poor. From the very left to the very right.

All we need to know is that we can be loved? And then we would be ready to die for our fellow being?


Blogger iGotNoTime said...

You have again hit the nail right on the head. If people could just not be blind followers. Like you said, the entire world is a political and social game. Their actions only allow the game to continue and always to the benefit of those in power, never to humans as a whole.

Quit following your leaders and do what is in your heart, and everything will be fine. If hate, revenge, and murder is in your heart then don't use your religion as your excuse to kill. That simple.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Selba said...

Thanks for adding me in your blogroll :)

I agree with igotnotime.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funky blogspot you got going here Trangam. Keep it up.


8:54 PM  
Blogger trangam said...

Thanks for your comments! Thanks Steve for dropping by... its a pleasure to see you walking by this street!

7:27 AM  

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