Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I love a rainy day.

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I love a rainy day. But it was not always so. Not before - when I used to ride a bike. Many a cancelled dates, many a wet & cold nights, many a lonely evenings. So, one day I managed to buy a car. And was so happy for it. That was 1998. And since then it stopped raining as much! What a pity. Well, it does rain well in Bangalore but not like it used to... until this year.

Its like the old days this year. Its been raining and raining ... day after day. The day starts relatively clear and then the clouds start building up for the evening duty. First its white up in the sky. Then white are joined by shades of grey and of course patches of blue. By close to 4 in the evening its all clouds - big thick white fluffy clouds and typically in the South-west a huge dark looming cloud. All of them like freshly drawn cotton puffs. And by around 5 in the evening its pouring. And I love to take my car out of the office back home. Its real cool.

But now that I no longer ride a bike, but instead a car... do I keep more appointments, meet more friends. Unfortunately not. When I had a bike I had more time and less demands on me. Now, while I have a water-proof car, I have tighter schedules at work which flows non-stop, like a river flowing through hilly days. Days that are indeed big big hills, built up with piles of work that flows in from the opposite direction, and its really hard to tell how much more there is to take on!!!

God... I really miss those rainy nights on the bike. Often parked while I cuddle together with other people under a tree. Making unexpected friends or simply watching the water run over your feet, like its come down to earth with some very urgent work. I miss asking for a lift from others. I miss thinking that rain is actually a medicine that my body needs and God sends down. I miss feeling cold, cold and cursing all cars and trucks on the road for having it so well and splashing water all over us. I miss dreaming of a car that holds me & my friend caught in a lonely road while it pours all over and mist turns the windows opaque.

Still, I am happy, that while my bike has turned into a car. Rain is still rain. Full of joy and bringing the desire for some warmth.

And yes, tommorow I am going to make sure that I drain out all my work and keep myself ready to get wet in the evening. Sure, I must.


Blogger Magnoy's Samsara said...

Thinking back to the times riding a bike in Thailand where we stopped at the next Sala to wait for the rain to stop - now here in Germany I am kinda getting a unpleasant felling when thinking of the coming winter - but motorbike insurance here is way cheaper then car insurance.

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