Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My first Blog and its my birthday!

I wrote my first blog on my birthday at but am migrating to blogger or using one as a mirror of the other. It seems easier with blogger. I hope so.It was a noisy day, the day I wrote my blog. Not because it was my birthday but because it was also lord Ganesha's festival. Sept 7th. My little birthday party would happen later that weekend.

My little B'day would be postponed because I would just return from Kolkata. Kolkata, a place I like. Why? Because it has a character, a root, despite being a congested city with a load of problems . In Kolkata, the person making tea owns the city as much as the person driving past in his limousine. Very unlike New Delhi, where I feel only the rich and the loudest run the country. Despite it being more 'cleaner' and 'well-run'.Of course the city I love most is my Bangalore. Not because of what is happening here today. But the reasons why I am here for 15 years now. Well, that would be another blog for another day.

Kolkata, I love, for another reason. It is (by land?) closer to Thailand... the country I like so much. My dream is to one day trek through the North-East into Burma and across Thailand. With some chosen friends and hopefully making some alongthe way. If I can do this trip one day, and when, remains unanswered. So, now, I keep the dream.

I remember the day I wrote the first blog, was also a stressful day - about work & family (that means - parents). I was busy on how to plan a visit home. I have finished that trip now though and returned with some pics from home & nearby places, especially Dharamsala.So, great. I have some agenda to get forward with! And I hope to include some cool pics with my new digital camera. Probably one reason why I thought of blogging! Yes, my perceptions and worldviews about this world, its people, myself and the universe - that would be thoughts I like to pen down.


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