Saturday, September 10, 2005

The friendliest God

Ganesha is the friendliest God of them all. Just look at him and at least I feel so. In India, especially in the West (Maharashtra) its a big festival. When I use to be in Pune, we would spend all-night-long visiting the various pandals where people would have set up Ganesha's statue under various thems - some very current. Ganesh tackling terrorism, Ganesha & Cricket, etc. etc. And I think there was also the Best Pandal award too. Eventually, the Ganesh statue is carried in a procession and immersed into water.

Its really fun when the entire city (or much of it) comes together for a common festival. Well, I am not a Hindu really but for me its as much joy to participate in this festival and offer my respect to Ganesha as anyone else. And this is where I feel bad, because most Urban cities are busy caring only for their own little families. They rarely come onto the roads. In cities, the laws are regressive too. Earlier in Bangalore, we would be happy out in the main roads celeberating New Years on the road. But of course, with time, drunk guys started creating problems - or we started noticing it?. But instead of sprucing up law and order and controlling it, the police/lawmakers conveniently began demanding shops/bars etc close early and today its as early as 1100pm. Everytime, the police or civic authorities see a problem, they either ban, close or limit things. They just never seem to have the energy to find a solution!

So much for progress. Bangalore was more fun 10 years ago than today, even though everyone is so excited that its the fastest growing city in Asia.Still, I love Bangalore and its my city.


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