Monday, September 12, 2005

McLeod Gunj, The home for Dalai Lama & Tibetians in India

I always knew that McLeod Gunj was a place close to my native home, but never realised it. However this time I had an opportunity to drive over to this important place, where Dalai Lama has his home in India. This place is in Himachal Pradesh, near Dharamsala.

Its a rather small place, beautiful hills around, but the town itself is rather congested. It was a bit dissapointing for me to note that the place was not developed better considering its global importance. Maybe its the local administration or lack of funding?

Neverthless, when you enter the temple area, do some roadside shopping, and eat Tibetian Momos its a nice feeling.

Also, the local population around Dharamsala were pretty much like those from the plains. Frankly, on a personal note, I always expect hilly regions to maintain their own small sub-culture - always different when compared to the land people. But in Dharamsala, in HP, I did not notice much of that. Maybe, I did not see enough. Its different for me in the hills of north-east, Kerala. There you see some real interesting lifestyle & cultural practises. But of course, the nature and the beautiful hills and green in Dharamsala do provide a breath of fresh air into ones lives. And of course, the tibetian settlement makes the place special.

There is another home of Tibetian people in South, near Mysore City. Closer to where I live (Bangalore) ... But I have to still check it out.


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