Thursday, October 27, 2005

Let's get warm

The city is stranded on 25th, Oct.

My last blog 'romancing the rain' was rather shortlived. Just a few days down the line and the rains took my call for love rather seriously, coming down hard and long... until it managed to jam almost every other car in the city! I rather would have been on foot and without work the next day... wading through the flowing water enjoying the chaos. But no... I have this car and had to find me a place to park it somewhere ... on the road. Stuck for hours!

Bangalore is growing & growing...

I know there is a special reason for so much rain this year ( some depression in the Bay of Bengal) but I am quite certain its rained like this earlier in Bangalore. About over 7 years ago or so. I think since then the number of people have increased many more times over, there are more cars on the road, many many more new buildings. Building built in places, which just 7 years ago would be the 'outskirts'. As a result we have more people who will complain and more people who will be hurt. Simply put, I feel Bangalore has grown without supporting infrastructure or conveniences. Well... anyone living here knows that.

There is no way to salvage this situation but by a complete overhaul of this city. No patch work, no few bridges here or there - but a full blown overhaul of every road, every bridge and every connection and concept. Else, there is no justice to the 'hype' the city carries - as the fastest growing in Asia (or is it the world?).

But for some funny reason the most talked of city of India seems to have no money!

So, all confused, I turn my head to the more simple to understand things. Like these two young stray mongrels. Who probably have passed through at least 5 days of non-stop rains. Survived it and learnt to take care of each other.

So, simple. No? All that rain just seems to carry one message - Guys! Get warm!!


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