Saturday, December 03, 2005

Have some tea. Lets be family.

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Its unsaid. But tea must taste the same across my family. Its not blood, but the taste of the tea we make that decides whether you belong to our clan! The tea tastes just the same across my brother's family, my cousin's homes and about 2-steps-removed cousins too!

If the milk in your place does not help the right taste you are expected to lament and lament about why you cannot get the right quality of milk or so, to confirm that you still want to belong to the family! And must soon find a source to get the right milk.

If your tea has too much milk than acceptable it reveals your low status! However, if you like no milk its OK. If you have too much sugar its another sign of your low status. Two spoons are just pass. But you are expected to have somewhere in the middle of one and one and half to get other people's trust. If you take half spoon you have arrived!

When you marry into my family, all the marriage certificates and ceremonies are of no value. You finally arrive when you can make tea the way my Mom can make!! When my father asks for another cup...

If you are travelling across cities and need to stop en route in a restaurant, you never have tea. You only have coffee. Because no one can make tea the way we can and we are not expected to like it another way.

I think we may agree to marry one across communities as long as the other family can make tea like us.

You cannot bring your tea for test anytime. It is only tested once a week. After the Sunday afternoon nap. And its done only by family members of the age over 65 years.

Once in a while you must be able to dabble with exotic tea which tastes very different. We should appreciate it but soon agree to come home soon.

When we do not like another family we do not discuss them. We discuss the taste of their tea or even the colour or even the way it was served or even the way it was poured or even the temperature it was served in or even where they served it or when.

You see... my family is very simple people. Tea is all it takes to be one among us!!!


Blogger JD said...

As an American, I've uncharacterstically abstained from coffee, and have enjoyed tea all of my life. However, I had no idea that the social and famlial implications of tea drinking and tea quality were so strong, anywhere in the world!

What an eye-opener. Thanks for a wonderfully insightful posting into your culture.

11:50 PM  
Blogger trangam said...

Lol! Yes. Of course, please consider the post as a bit light humour. My family will drop their principles soon enough for the larger good!!!

12:55 AM  

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