Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Waters

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Last night was the second consecutive Saturday that I came home late. On the way I saw the quiet Ulsoor Lake and wished I could stop and sit besides it. But the gates are locked and the fence runs all around its periphery. For a moment I felt that the still waters was missing our company. But neither of us could do anything about it. The fence between us.

Well, I have good memories of this place from earlier time, when we would philosophise on the banks of this lake. Well, there were a lot of naughty things happening too in this place, but that was not something that caused us any real hassle. We always found our little space!

At least I got some memories, the new set of people in Bangalore do not even know it was possible once to do something like that.

They are happy with the huge shopping malls that make up their weekends. Even if its about driving through dense traffic. That's progress here.

Its more about what rests on the shelves of your drawing room and less about what you did in life.


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