Sunday, January 01, 2006

Have a great Year.

That's the picture from a New Year Greetings I received today from a friend . Cute it is and quite meaningful in a way! The picture has been shot at Cubbon Park in Bangalore. Anyways, today was a day full of greetings, most of them via the mobile... and I spent the whole day clearing the SMS memory, hour after hour, just to get another load of "Happy New Years' ringing in. Most come from colleagues and they go like " Wish you and your family..." and in some case I had to remind them 'Could you please include my friends in your wishes too?". To which one responded.. " Sure. Family includes one and all."

The surprise greeting I got from paknam.web (maybe because I purchase something?), made me really proud. When my landlord's son brought me the envelope he was quite curious that a greeting from Thailand had come my way and he hung around hoping I could remove the card for him to see too (- hoping to find clues why I am not married? I think it is his life-long challenge to find out..why? LOLz). And so I did remove the card, a bit like Mr. Bean, showing around to my neighbours with a smirk on my face (well... not really like that, but I almost felt like doing so in my head).

Of course, there was loads of greetings last night in the party I attended in the city. By the way, terrorists attacked Bangalore on 28th this month, and most people were off roads last night fearing another attack. (The rumors - the low-down terrorists were going to bomb the year at 2230hrs sharp) I decided not to care. We had this nice party in a disc that was hired. Lots of dancing and jumping around. And when it struck midnight, and when everyone was literally dripping with sweat from head to toe, the hugging and love began. Generally, I am quite physical and do not mind other people's bodies... but yesterday was a bit too wet, really. A friend of mine who is rather prim and proper & elderly and who would not let anything change his well ironed and washed attire was in his most clustrophobic period - anxiously stretching out his arm as far as he could suggesting only a handshake... but you no how it is.... everyone ignored his hand and went straight for his cheeks! Yuck... for him! And very funny for all of us...

The party was followed by a visit to someone's sprawling house where I spent all my time playing with his dogs. (Dogs... again... they have suddenly become so much part of my life!). Anyways, soon my eyelids starting carrying more weight than I could handle and I left for home.

Slept at 0430hrs. 0800hrs my parents call me. 0900 my brother calls me and starts discussing about my new house finance calculations and I am busy trying to do mathematics with my head inside the pillow. 1000hrs my father's brother calls me from abroad. 1100hrs an office colleague calls in. Would there be another word for 'Torture on a sleepless Sunday!!

But still its cool. I slept enough. I got some very nice messages which made my day/year. Especially one from an agency of mine telling me that even " though officially you are a client... you area morale boosting person... and your ideas... help us always do a good job... everytime we venture into something with you...." Well, maybe he is flattering me, but why not give him the benefit of doubt? LOLz.

Once again. Have a GREAT YEAR!


Blogger JD said...

Happy New Year, Trang! Your blog is a near-daily pleasure for all of us!

Some day I hope to upgrade from "near-monthly" to your enviable standard. Maybe a good New Year's resolution? :)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New house? Did I miss that blog?

12:16 AM  
Blogger trangam said...

Thanks JD! But there is no comparison to the way you write you blogs. I do not mind waiting for them... as long as the come by sooner or later...

And Anonymous, you missed nothing. I started writing after I finalised the flat I bought, but its just about getting finished now. Frankly, I have hardly visited it... my friend helps on the follow up. But I will blog about it soon when I shift sometime within the next 5 weeks!

5:52 AM  
Blogger JD said...

OK, Trang, stop following my example, and let's hit the keyboard! :-)

7:30 PM  

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