Saturday, December 24, 2005

From the corner of my eye

Been busy again (when am I not!). But that does not mean that I closed my eyes to my world around. I have been watching things pass by, from the corner of my eyes!

So, here that remains from the week that was, inna my head -

Two fat policewoman go into a park in North India (meerut) and begin slapping away happily at young couples in name of moral-policing. One couple goes missing in shame. The country goes up in arms; the policewomen are suspended. The tip of the iceberg is removed to grow one more day.

For while the TV relayed the above sad incident, my country is full of faceless citizens who are slapped each day without a problem. I cannot forget once my uncle slapping one of our servants at home - a person who was like my friend, accusing him of stealing. I have seen enough policemen slapping young people on the road - at short notice. I have seen landlords booting their labour. I have seen policemen in a park blackmailing a whore and abusing her & him. I have seen forces men caning a young person black and blue because he played dirty in a movie hall run by the forces- showing dirty movies! Just a few examples. And of course I have heard much much more - gruesome acts. Frankly, I doubt I will ever have and will see the police as a force that can and will ever protect me - unless of course, I use the services of my connected relatives or office administration. Think of my faceless brothers and sisters in the country. They no longer smile because they are sweet. They smile at you because they need your favours. Else, your power is and hold is just too enormous for them.

This girl who is a popular folk dancer in the movies today was once buried with her umblical cord attached by her own mother! Until her aunt decided that she could do with a girl child. Reminds me of my grandmother sharing a dark family secret of one of my great great grandfathers who burnt part of the house... so he could burn... you know what. Sometimes, India seems so much of a mess! The reason - we defend everything about our cultures in name of some external evil force. And with that we defend everything wrong in it too. So, it does not evolve. Instead what do we do. Jump between modern times and earlier times, like jugglers. Sometimes, we just get tired and stop jumping and end up sitting wherever we last dropped. Its the 'modern looking, western oriented people' who take up the visible task to change... and of course that has its own pitfalls. But then, thats what happens when we stop changing ourselves... others will change us... the way they want to!

Well, some people of course in India are aiming to change quick and far. For instance these beautiful ladies above who were once - men! Good for them, they got very good support in the audience which discussed their circumstances. In fact, the audience almost put one guy to shame. He asked, " Ask these people, can they ever be a mother?". And this recently-turned woman said, " So what was motherhood to you. Your birth or being raised by your mother." He never spoke after that.

I saw few movies on the TV, including my favourite malayali movies. Again, did not understand all the words but was still laughing, crying and getting excited anyways. I have to write about Kerala in my blogs soon. That is one special part of my life.

Its been rather busy for me anyways. I have 4 large events to manage within a short span of 40 days. Plenty of daily activities and deadlines. And each one has to be creative in its own way. Its hard to explain to people how much energy it takes in form of concenteration, anxiety and co-ordination. For unfortunately, one of the key aims in my life is to make everything look easy. A personal aim that I borrowed from the swimmer Greg Louganis, the olympic star. Who when asked about what is your aim in your sport (diving/swimming), and he said. " When people see me diving, they must feel its the easiest and most natural thing to do..." Heard it when I was in school and never forgot it yet.


Blogger iGotNoTime said...

I got it all but was confused about the first. The policewomen that were suspended, what exactly were they doing to the couples? Was it due to inappropriate public displays or something like that?

12:22 PM  
Blogger trangam said...

I know it will hard for your to believe this strange behaviour! The policewomen called the TV channel. Went to the park. Picked up all couples sitting together, maybe holding hands or sitting close. Nothing else! And then posed a few questions and began beating them up. Even they beat girl sitting alone. It was crazy and not easy to explain.

One explanation given initially was that these kids go out there belonging to different castes and then end up causing family problems etc. That was crazy thought.

And imagine they invited the TV. God knows what they thought they were displaying.

It was rather mad & downright stupid and a bit funny too.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people like blogs because of the narrow or specialized field of subject matter.

I love your blog because of the variety. I never know what thought, emotion, or subject matter you will creatively share with your readers from day to day. One thing I can count on--it's always deep, always thought-provoking. It's always a fun discovery--kind of like opening a new treasure chest each time I click your blog address in my browser.

That's what brings me here every single day!

1:43 AM  
Blogger trangam said...

Wow! Thanks for your kind words.

4:55 AM  
Blogger iGotNoTime said...

I am familiar with castes through my sociology studies, yes I too think it was meant as a preformance. I do understand it if it were for moral issues such as holding hands. I was just confused because some did not seem to be couple.

You may say sad, but I think that though it seemed extreme it may scare the more obscene into reclusion and that was probably her goal.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Trangam:

Must admit i havent been here for a while but definetly an intriguing read.
Geez, can get slapped in the slap in public by the officers in charge?

Pretty full on!

See you around in 2006.

Happy New Year.


11:16 PM  
Blogger trangam said...

Nice to have you here again Suphan... do come again! Your footsteps are always cherished!

2:35 AM  

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