Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Big Banyan Tree

This is just the beggining of the Big Banyan tree sprawled over 3-4 acres. 400 years old. A full view needs a special camera I guess or an aerial shot.

Today was a tiring but nice day. Had to drive down out of Bangalore towards Mysore, for work. And on the way we decided to drop in an pay our respects to the Big Banyan Tree and its really something - and really big.

Roots fall all over ready to grow into thick trunks. And fun for monkeys.

Spread over 4 acres or so, this Banyan tree is about 400 years and its a maze of roots, full grown trees, young ones and twists and turns. The branches are sometimes thicker than the trunk (or should I call them roots?) and its all spread around like a huge intricate umberella.

The temple inside is serene. The tree is sacred.

The nicest thing about it is that there is a small temple inside. This is what I like about these temples. A temple often does not have to be big. It can just be a small enclosure with an idol inside and thats it. It looks cute and such temples are spotted all over the countryside like milestones.

Anyways, the point was that people consider this Banyan tree holy and when below it, its rather peaceful.

I should have captured more interesting moments, but this is what I got. The young dog was so happy meeting the monkey and the monkey very parent like.

There are a lot of monkeys around and I saw them playing in a friendly manner with the dogs. And that too puppies. And of course playing among themselves too. They did there own thing without an issue - over the temple, in the trees, between humans...

One monkey seemed to have a special relationship with a lady there... always coming back to her and curious about what she was upto. Here she is trying to see what these two ladies are upto.

A man sleeps while monkeys plan their big move.

And as you see above, the man sleeps under the shade of the Big Banyan tree totally unaware of the monkeys planning some big agenda past him. It all just comes together here, without much complication... just as one keeps watching the banyan tree - wondering where it starts and where it ends.

The area just outside the Banyan trees's compound is unfortunately not so well kept, with soft drink packs and plastic littered around, because of the few tuck shops that operate there. Thankfully, when inside the banyan tree compound its all neat and most of all simple...

I like such unexpected visits whenever they come my way - like a distant light which suddenly grows and fills up my mind.

To eat or not? Monkeys here are intellectuals & philosophers!!! While I work in the city, day in and out.

And suddenly I am aware of the unnecesary nonsense in my head & don't want it anymore. And instead yearn to experience more of this world - the wonder & mystery that it is ... just to sit down and unravel it slowly, slowly... with peace & joy.


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