Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You, the faithless.

Mumbai Blasts. After the blasts that killed close to 150 people upto now. Residents of Mumbai serving shocked passerbys and stranded people with food and water and other support. The spirit will not die!

So, you, the 'so-called terrorists' did it again.
Killing unknown people by will, personally with your own hands.
All I like to tell you guys is that death does not do us in.
Neither do I still hate another human.
All I know is,
you have a long way to evolve,
and the way you guys are working,
your learning process is going to be hard and painful.
And learn you will and so will yours,
for your 'God', which for sure is neither Allah,Ram or any almighty, is certainly dead - no wonder you think you need to take control of other people's lifes?
You. Faithless & faceless.


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