Monday, October 23, 2006

Re-connected !

Its been a rather long time since I have entered this virtual space. This has somewhat to do with my travelling, but more to do with the my new home. Once I moved I lost my net connection. I tried to use a Reliance mobile card, but that was frustratingly slow unless I kept awake after midnight. And then I applied for the Bangalore Telecom (BSNL) broadband connection. And today I finally found peace.

Unlike the private companies in India BSNL does not make tall claims and neither they have the super-modern executives with well scripted sales pitches. These are just down to earth people. They simply seem to offer what they promise! The private guys from Reliance for instance have so many ads beating down my head and unless I am their shareholder I doubt I would ever be able to consume or take satisfaction in their messages.

On the other hand BSNL told me their limitations right in the beggining. And finally when I was sitting in their office to collect my modem and ISP password there was this sweet lady - fat, homely and kind. She made the work order as if you was cooking a nice meal for me. And she did it perfect! In 20 minutes flat she had provided me the hardware, software and advise without making a big deal of it.

And when I came home and plugged in the modem and my laptop, the connection worked at ligthing speed!! When I took Reliance card earlier, I spent 8 days waiting for the person to verify my home address and another 6 begging them to activate it and even then they just took me round and round through their automated systems and 'decenteralised' call executives until the modem/phone was activated.

With BSNL, 20 minutes after I connected I got a phone call and the same lady confirmed my connection and I was up and running!

Suddenly, it strikes me how much peaceful it is to have the 'public sector companies' serving us. They do it so much more peacefully and without making you feel like a fool. And unlike earlier days no one mentioned or hinted on the need to bribe.

I recommend BSNL, for now. Its much more peaceful dealing with them it seems and it really cuts out the noise from the other super-companies who are in your face all day long but never seem to reach your home!

And the speed I get is awesome. After operating via a dial-up (from home) this is heaven!


Blogger Nui said...

Hi Trang,

Nice to see in my bloglines feeds, glad you're back. Love your photos with flickr.

9:15 PM  
Blogger trangam said...

Dear Nui,

Its so nice to hear from you again after all this time! Well, I missed your blogs for sometime... and now returned by.

Hope to remain in touch!


9:26 AM  
Anonymous Betti said...

great to see you back :-)

6:25 AM  
Blogger trangam said...

Betti! Thanks. I am alive. Actually I was thinking to send you a message to confirm! I was off the net for a longtime now, but will be back at the forum soon as I warm up...

8:40 AM  

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