Saturday, September 09, 2006

About Traffic & Ear Jams.

Amazing how the local administration allows such hoardings ( a glow sign mounted on a light motor vehicle) in peak traffic? In peak hours, Bangalore is one big traffic jam. To see this hoarding occupying the road at such a time is such a shame. However, for those selling this product, it is probably the most apt time of the day?

Anyways, its taking a little time getting used to my new home, new roads and new neighbours. With all the work at office and travelling, I really have'nt had much time to settle down. I still have boxes unpacked. Furniture lying in my friend's place. And fittings waiting to be fixed. And now I travel again coming week, travelling abroad! So, I have postponed everything for another 10 days - when I re-start my romance with my new flat.

But still its a nice feeling to have one's own place. The only thing which irks me is the morning 'namaaz' that blares through some power speakers. I am not sure where the mosque is, but the sound is big and every morning at 0500 a.m. it almost always creeps through my windows... and I dig my head deep into my pillows... LOLz. I do not mean to offend anyone, but the sound is just too shrill to bear, unless one has a functional need for it?

I have found one make shift solution... I programmed my music system to switch on at the same time which kind of muffles the sound but still lets my sleeping rythmn intact! At least its working for now...


Blogger Nui said...

Hi Trangam,

I'm sort of back in the blogging world, as a result of the coup. Congratulations for your new flat and this blog. I love the way you've set it up. I wish I had enough time and energy to get mine better. There's just too much to deal with now. In three months time, I'll be finishing the film progamme I started and will be visiting Thailand. Will definintely be blogging "full time" by then. Cheers for the bloggers!

8:01 AM  

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