Monday, July 09, 2007

Taj Mahal - The SMS wonder

So, is my view. I never knew the '7 wonders...' title was such a sham. Not taking away from the greatness of the landmarks on the list, but the whole procedure of selection is about national pride and not the monuments in question. And that is wrong.

And really, however great Taj Mahal is, it makes real boring cover pages - its been used over and over again to represent India.

So, I do not love India? I do absolutely, but not via Taj Mahal, even though I see it as a maginificient architecture. But it does not make me wonder. That was one selfish love affair of a king and not the more heroic ones I know of like Heer Ranja and others.

There is a lot more in India, which I see with a chill in my bones and that which makes me wonder....

And think about it. Would Angkor Wat not be a greater wonder. It also relates to the wonder that Indian civilisation once was? Mysterious, unsolved, ancient... I mean so what if it does not lie within our borders? What if Taj Mahal happened to be in Pakistan side before partition and we lost it? Would we have still voted it?


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