Saturday, September 09, 2006

About Traffic & Ear Jams.

Amazing how the local administration allows such hoardings ( a glow sign mounted on a light motor vehicle) in peak traffic? In peak hours, Bangalore is one big traffic jam. To see this hoarding occupying the road at such a time is such a shame. However, for those selling this product, it is probably the most apt time of the day?

Anyways, its taking a little time getting used to my new home, new roads and new neighbours. With all the work at office and travelling, I really have'nt had much time to settle down. I still have boxes unpacked. Furniture lying in my friend's place. And fittings waiting to be fixed. And now I travel again coming week, travelling abroad! So, I have postponed everything for another 10 days - when I re-start my romance with my new flat.

But still its a nice feeling to have one's own place. The only thing which irks me is the morning 'namaaz' that blares through some power speakers. I am not sure where the mosque is, but the sound is big and every morning at 0500 a.m. it almost always creeps through my windows... and I dig my head deep into my pillows... LOLz. I do not mean to offend anyone, but the sound is just too shrill to bear, unless one has a functional need for it?

I have found one make shift solution... I programmed my music system to switch on at the same time which kind of muffles the sound but still lets my sleeping rythmn intact! At least its working for now...