Monday, September 24, 2007

The New Indian Idol

Amazing that I started watching Indian Idol because of this person's ( Prashant Tamang is his name) voice which I happened to fall upon while surfing channels one day.... liked his voice instantly... and he is now The Indian Idol!!! Coool! I am proud I voted for him too. I think there were others who probably were more technically better singers, but his voice is the kind I like and also his personality. So, I am glad. People have all kind of words about the way he got bulk votes from the police department, which he belongs to, and his region... but the fact is I voted him too and he is the Indian IDOL!!! So I for one have no complaints ....

A point is that we hear great singers everyday... via CDs, movies etc. But there are always some voices and singers you fancy more?

Having said this the person who came second Amit was very very good too. And if he was to become the Indian Idol I would not complain again. He too seems to be a terribly good human being and I am sure he is going to make good in his life!
(Is it only me, or did anyone else notice that the official Indian idol site in the last few days was placing and using text & content with a subtle hint that Amit is the better material? if so, they failed! Maybe its my imagination only... )

And for Prashant, the Indian Idol, I wish him all the best in life. Sure its not going to be easy in the commercial world even after this, but he surely is a fighter and will only get better & better with time... and show us all what India is really about in its heart...

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